The Vegalitatian Society

Are you a human supremacist?

Think about it. Most of us have been led to believe we are superior to other species. But are we?

To put our existence into perspective, evidence suggests that life on Earth has been around for approximately 3.7 billion years, yet our own species, Homo Sapiens, has existed for just about 200,000.

True, we are unique, but we aren't "more" unique than others. All creatures on earth, be they amoebas, humans, or whales, possess unique traits. None of these traits, however, are "better" or "best." Thinking otherwise inevitably leads to exploitation and abuse. As history has shown, most atrocities committed by humans correlate directly with the urge to feel superior, be it toward people of a different color, the other sex, or entire populations "different from us."

Feeling superior to non-human animals and nature itself, we risk not only destroying our environment, but putting our own species at risk of extinction.

Collaborating with prominent experts in diffusion methodology, marketing and social psychology, The Vegalitarian Society is setting in motion a sustained chain effect that in a significant way will cause positive changes across the world related to ethics, equality, health, the environment, poverty, hunger and justice. Specifically, the strategy involves the rapid diffusion of a vegan way of life for the entire population on earth.

Now, what's the most efficient thing you can do to veganize the place where you live? Seduce the most charismatic, healthy-looking and outspoken person you know — the person others seek for advice and who inspires change — to adopt a vegan way of life, and watch the world around you go cruelty free in a hurry. It's really that simple. Indeed — counter to popular belief, it is not mass media and their televised personalities that instigate change; rather, it is your personal friends who do — those well connected, highly admired individuals among you who inspire the people they know.

Watch the progress: (International) (Spanish/Italian)純素 (Chinese)טבעוני (Hebrew)ビーガン (Japanese)веган (Russian) (Scandinavian)égan (French)

Fuck Speciesism